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Bath Set Basket

Supplies List

  • Designs
  • Embroidery machine 4x4 and 5x7 hoops
  • Sewing Machine
  • One piece of tulle (1/2 yard)
  • 3/8 wide ribbon
  • Water Soluble Stabilizer (WSS)
  • Medium weight tear‐away stabilizer or cut‐away stabilizer
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing thread
  • Plastic wrap (for soap)
  • Ruler or Tape Measurer
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Stick pins
  • Hand towel
  • Double roll toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Bath salts and/or bath beads
  • Glass candle jar
  • Glass ivy bowl
  • Basket

FSL Pieces for candles containers‐Step 1: Hoop WSS. Step 2: Embroider two of design #PCFS0092, removing each from the hoop.
Step 3: Cut away extra WSS from the designs. Step 4: Rinse the designs with warm water. There is no need to rinse out the stabilizer completely, if you like a stiffer FSL piece. Lay one on a flat surface and allow to completely dry.
Step 5: Place the other design on a small bowl, a wide wine glass, etc., to form a curved shape. Step 6: When the piece is completely dry, remove it from the bowl. It should be curved like this.
Step 7: Using the hot glue gun, add glue to the back of the curved design. Step 8: Quickly adhere it to the glass ivy bowl. Add a candle, bath beads and ribbon. This finishes the ivy bowl.
Step 9: Using the hot glue gun, add glue to the back of the flat design and adhere to the top of the candle jar. This finishes the candle jar. FSL Piece for soap‐Step 10: Hoop WSS. Embroider design #PCFS0093. Remove from the hoop. Cut away extra WSS from the design.
Step 11: Rinse the design with warm water. There is no need to rinse out the stabilizer completely, if you like a stiffer FSL piece. Step 12: While the design is still wet, prepare the bar of soap. Using a little water, rub and smooth the soap bar. Place the design onto the soap and press firmly. Let it dry thoroughly.
Step 13: Wrap the soap in plastic wrap. This finishes the soap. FSL Tulle Sachet‐Step 14: Cut a piece of tulle 9 x 17 inches. Fold the tulle in half and find the center of one half of the tulle.
Step 15: Hoop WSS and tulle together. You can use pins for extra stabilizing. Step 16: When finished, remove the design from the hoop and cut away extra WSS. Rinse in warm water to remove the rest of the WSS. Pin flat, set aside and let dry.
Step 17: When the design is dry, cut off the sides of the tulle, leaving 1 inch on both sides of the design. Fold the tulle with the design on top (inside out) and the tulle‐only side under it. Pin the sides together and sew the edges with inch side seams. Step 18: Turn the sachet right side out. Fill with your favorite scented rock salts, oil beads or potpourri. Tie the loose end with a ribbon to create the top of the sachet. This finishes the Sachet.
FSL Towel‐Step 19: Hoop WSS and towel together. Spray adhesive spray on a piece of WSS and lay it on top of the towel. Step 20: Embroider design #PCFS0092 onto the towel. Remove the towel from the hoop and cut the WSS as close to the design as possible. Rinse out the WSS with warm water, until it is all gone. Hang the towel to dry. When it is dry, roll up or fold the towel with the design showing and tie
with a ribbon. This finishes the towel.
FSL on toilet paper‐Step 21: Hoop tear‐away or cut‐away stabilizer (your choice). Unroll the toilet paper about 10 pieces. Fold the toilet paper on the third piece under to the back side of the fourth piece. Lay the toilet paper on the sprayed stabilizer (pin the edges to help stabilize it.) You can also use spray stabilizer between the first and fourth piece and on the stabilizer. Step 22: Loosen the roll a few pieces and keep it out of the way of the machine. Embroider design #PCFS0093.
Step 23: Remove the toilet paper from the hoop, being careful to not tear the paper. Carefully CUT the stabilizer close to the design. Do not tear the stabilizer; it will also tear the toilet paper. Step 24: On the folded edge of the toilet paper, make a triangle as shown. This will be on the back side of the toilet paper where the stabilizer is.
Step 25: Roll up the toilet paper carefully and put a stick pin into the corner of the folded paper as shown. Step 26: Lay out the tulle and put the toilet paper on the center. Gather up the tulle around the sides of the paper.
Step 27: Tie a piece of ribbon around the tulleclose to the toilet paper. Cut the tulle to the desired length on top. Make a bow with the ribbon you have used to tie up the tulle, or exchange it for whatever color you want, then make a bow. Step 28: This finishes the FSL toilet paper.

Step 29: Arrange your gift items in the basket, with or without a doily in the bottom of the basket. You can present it to your gift recipient like this, or wrap the entire basket with tulle before giving the gift. What a special gift, for a fraction of the cost!

A Beautiful Gift Basket!

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